Regarding Cat Allergies

I am very thankful that I do not have cat allergies, and I am sad for people that do have them.  Allergies to cats seem to vary significantly person to person.  There are a few people that I know of that are able to live with a LaPerm without their allergies being an issue, but there are also people who find that there is not much difference between a LaPerm and any other cat, when it comes to their allergies.

If you purchase a LaPerm from me and you can return the LaPerm back to me, I will likely offer you a return policy in the case that you need to do so.

If you do not live locally, and you have cat allergies, and you need to have the LaPerm shipped to you in order to receive it, I highly recommend that you reconsider the purchase of a LaPerm.  Please consider opting for a breed of cat that you are able to experience and handle by visiting a breeder in your area.  Perhaps, a breeder of another breed of cat can offer you a return policy if your allergies are triggered, should you purcase a cat from their cattery.

If a new owner were to ship a kitten from my cattery back to me due to their allergies to the kitten, that would be extremely stressful for the kitten, and quite expensive for the new owner.  In order to deter this from happening, if a LaPerm is shipped to a new owner with cat allergies, a health guarantee will not be offered for that cat / kitten.  Purchasing a cat that you cannot handle in advance, and that you cannot easily return, when you have allergies to cats, is extremely risky, in my opinion.  If you have guessed wrongly about the LaPerm and your allergies, the consequences of that are likely to include significant stress to the LaPerm by uprooting it, with the LaPerm needing to move and rebond, as well as stress and disruption to myself, as I would be concerned about the outcome for the kitty, and if I receive the kitty back, the kitty could require care and reassurance to stabilize.  Stress can compromise the immune system of a young LaPerm.  A variety of health issues can result from that.

If you have cat allergies and you are thinking of purchasing a LaPerm, please consider what you will do if your allergies are triggered by the LaPerm and you cannot live with them.



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